Meet Charlie

     Charlie’s love and passion for the West, with its abundant wildlife, dramatic landscapes and hard-scrabble inhabitants, has always been an inspiring force in his life.  As a boy in California, he dreamed of a life in the faraway Rocky Mountains and often hand-sketched images of rugged ridgelines, sagebrush plains, and deep river valleys.  In the early 70's, Charlie's parents moved their young family to Idaho seeking an outdoor life and lifestyle for their two boys.  Charlie and his brother, Jake, spent their formative years hunting, fishing and exploring Idaho’s remote backcountry rivers, arid valleys, and windswept mountain ranges.  Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Utah proved to be the West of Charlie’s boyhood imagination. 

     Charlie graduated from the University of Utah and pursued his love of the outdoors by working in marketing and communications for the Utah ski industry for 16 years.  He was then recruited by one of the world’s largest financial services firms to help establish brand and corporate image in the West.  Through his personal and professional experiences, Charlie developed a deep appreciation for photography and outdoor imagery.  While he dabbled in photography for years and worked as a sports model for a number of world class photographers,  it wasn't until 2010 that he fully embraced his calling as a photographer.

     For Charlie, each day brings the promise of adventure and the excitement of witnessing something special and unique.  Charlie is typically out of the house well before dawn and home after dark, capturing natural images, landscapes, weather, and wildlife -- often sandwiching photography between the daily demands of his corporate life.

     Charlie was the Featured Photographer in the Park City Film Series Local Filmmaker’s Showcase in 2011 and his award-winning images have been published by a number of regional magazines, newspapers, television stations, and conservation-oriented non-profit groups in Utah and Idaho. 

     A long time resident of Park City, Utah, in 2010 Charlie moved his family east of Park City to the edge of the rugged Uinta Mountains. He and his wife Coni, and their two teenage children, Carly and J.C., reside in the beautiful rural hamlet of Oakley, Utah.